AmCham and ArchiDutch golden cooperation

ArchiDutch has acquired reliable partners during its 2 years of operation in Armenia. AmCham occupies an honorable and important place in the list of these partners. The American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia is the biggest, longest standing and most influential leading international business association, operating since 2000, dedicated to promote US-Armenia economic and commercial relations.

More than 140+ members from various sectors of the economy, AmCham works to improve the business environment through advocacy and lobbying to establish a favorable eco-system for investments. Among AmCham members are American, British, French and other European and local companies.

In 2020, ArchiDutch became a gold member of AmCham. As a result a solid and targeted partnership was set between the two organizations. Today ArchiDutch is a very responsible link between AmCham and our partners in the local market, which is aimed to advance the marketplace, raise existing issues by ensuring a higher level of local business activity. The ArchiDutch և Amcham Golden collaboration will contribute broaden working horizon, find new partners in the American and European markets, and acquire an image that will help create new business relationships and offers.


  • E-mail.
  • Tel. +374 322 722 72


  • Headquarters; Europalaan 14-18, 5232 BC ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
  • VTC-12 Shinararner str., Vanadzor, Armenia.
  • "Griar" Business Centre- 4/6 Amiryan Str., Yerevan, Armenia.
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