ArchiDutch to expand to extra office space and to a new location in Yerevan

Since ArchiDutch is rapidly growing, this young agency for building consultancy and project direction is expanding its activities to an extra office location in the Vanadzor Technoloy Center. Of even more importance will be the opening of a second ArchiDutch office in Yerevan later this year.

As a service provider for architects, project developers and subcontractors, ArchiDutch started its activities eight months ago in Vanadzor. "We are bringing high-quality jobs to this city and continue to stimulate the economic climate in this region," says Natasja Mirzoianc, founder and director of ArchiDutch. Natasja was born and raised in Vanadzor -- for the last 25 years she has been living in the Netherlands.

"We are committed to provide a customer experience based on quality, service and personal involvement," says Natasja. "Thanks to our commitment, ArchiDutch has grown into a fully-fledged architectural firm with international assignments. More than 20 building modelers and construction engineers – specializing in 3D design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) – are working on various Armenian and Dutch projects." To accomodate these energetic professionals, ArchiDutch now occupies extra office space within the inspiring Vanadzor Technology Center.

Expanding to the Armenian capital

A second ArchiDutch office is scheduled to open this September in the city center of Yerevan. The office manager is a young, though very experienced architect with a passion for architecture and innovative design methods. He will be very well educated in BIM, 3D modeling and sustainable building design and construction, at our head quarters in The Netherlands.

Natasja Mirozianc: "We are very pleased that the expansion of our activities also brings us to the economic center of Armenia. It is with proud that we see so many talented and ambitious young people in Vanadzor and Yerevan contribute to the development of their cities and our country. We will accomplish beautiful results together."


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  • Headquarters; Europalaan 14-18, 5232 BC ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
  • VTC-12 Shinararner str., Vanadzor, Armenia.
  • "Griar" Business Centre- 4/6 Amiryan Str., Yerevan, Armenia.
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