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European BIM standardization

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in Europe (10% of EU GDP and 20 million jobs). Developed countries are implementing architectural standards based on the Open BIM platform aligning design and construction processes in a transparent and effective way. It will increase efficiency and decrease costs, and will contribute to global environmental protection as well. BIM-based standardization can be a revolutionary solution bringing about an economic and ecological breakthrough. The proposed standard covers architectural planning as well as the entire life cycle of construction projects, where design represents 1-3 percent, construction costs 20-25 percent and operational costs 72-78 percent. The work done through BIM’s European Standardization ensures that we keep on track with the world’s scanning.

Sustainable design and construction

ArchiDutch is intensively involved in sustainable construction, because this is important for our environment and nature. We advise on circular and energy-neutral construction. If required, we design buildings that can be built with sustainable, reusable materials. Buildings that emit less CO2, and are disconnected from the natural gas network and anticipate on the expected climate changes. ArchiDutch supervises construction projects where less waste remains and less waste occurs. Our goal is to design and build buildings that are functional, healthy and comfortable for their residents, and that generate as much or more energy as they use.

Services Sustainable design
Service Landscaping


ArchiDutch has designed a wide variety of outdoor spaces on different scales. We prepare landscapes for governments, project developers, foundations, companies and the private sector. ArchiDutch follows a design philosophy based on a conceptual basis, inspired by the environment and the history of the place. Our designers aim at the power of simplicity, the logic of the solution, and the synergy between beauty and pragmatic usability. And always with great attention to detail. Our projects lead to new visual experiences. However, ArchiDutch looks beyond the scope of surroundings, streets and buildings. We make connections and, also with (future) inhabitants, we always think about optimizing the living environment of people. Our landscape architects respect and responsibly create environments where people can live, work and recreate, and where children grow up. Environments where nature can flourish. Although we have a strong eye for practical aspects like implementation and management, most of all ArchiDutch offers a sustainable, creative vision of the future.

International Autodesk qualified team

Our international team of various professionals are highly qualified by many years of experience. Additionally, they are all Autodesk certified, each and every one in his own field. For this our BIM modellers, engineers and managers are all educated by Autodesk authorized trainers. The certification must be renewed every year, by passing the official Autodesk exams. We believe that well-trained staff guarantees the quality of our work.

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